Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Horse Wears Prada

Even Horses are fond of PRADA??? I was totally shocked and amazed after I browsed the world wide web of fashion.

Definitely TRUE and I am not dreaming! Prada are known for being creative with their fashion campaigns. Steven shot Prada's Fall 2009 campaign at Pier 59 Studios with lot of surprises.

Meisel are not cheap huh! According to FWD,the marathon shot lasted for four days and he summoned a real, live horse to the set.
As we always think, nothing goes better with crotch-skimming thigh-high apparels than livestock.

I'm just wondering how much will be the horse-model rates compare to the rate of an "anorexic-like" models.

I thought ponies were only Michael Klein's thing! LOL!

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