Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Iconic Summer 2009 Prada Handbags

The house of Prada made its best for their 2009 Spring/Summer Handbag collections.

I am so pleased that this world trendsetter brand had already hit the shelves with their ultimate collections. Almost of their handbags still has an excess material on it, but instead of the excess being the same material as the entire handbag, it's contrasted and looks much better.


This shows that Prada retired from having laces for their accessories. Lace is nice, but not in the overload of Fall 2008. This season, Prada handbags and shoes are made of beautiful snakeskin and soft leather. They look luxurious and feminine inside and out.

I love both the crinkled leather handbags, as well as the python embossed leather ones. The bows add a feminine touch without going against the Prada image and being too girly. Considering the economy, I love that we get the look of python without the higher price.


  1. I've seen these python printed bags a couple times and absolutely LOVE them. They are extremely edgy, classy, and a must have accessory. Truly a perfect addition to the Prada handbags collection!