Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Summer Getaway with Prada Sunglasses

It's summer time, it's all vacation...Let the sun touch my skin....

I love Summer and hot weather. I love beach and sand. I love warm water in the sea and blue sky. So I want to go to the seaside but wait....I want hot eyewears too. ...

No worries, Prada will answer my fashion wants.lol. This summer, the house of Prada presents an array of sunglasses for our summer getaway.

Celebrities, especially women, have always been fascinated with wearing sunglasses and creating a fashion statement. More than for protecting their eyes from the sun’s glare, these sunglasses have always been worn to help accentuate their facial features.

So stay tune for more Prada eyewears that are instantly catch your attention!

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