Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Love Prada Wallets

The designer has a reputation for creating eccentric and sophisticated styles, Prada wallets are able to make fine distinctions and remain classic in their styles.
The most common crafting materials for these wallets are nylon, leather and jacquard fabric. The most common Prada accessories are crafted using the signatured-black nylon materials.

This is truly the work of an exquisite mind as Miuccia Prada delivers to her empire. The classic Prada wallets have a nylon gabardine with the silverstone and has a Prada logo embossed on front. Color black is very common but certain seasons have allowed to used multiple colors to showcase the entire collections.

Looking at the latest iconic Prada wallet collections awakens my soul. Be the first to own atleast one.

Head over to styledrops and I'll tell you the secret.


  1. Good post!

    How I wish I can have a prada collection too but unfortunately I can't.. lol..

    It's too expensive..

  2. The second wallet is so gorgeous...

    Thank you for linking me, I linked you as well on my blog!