Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Prada Shoes Glides Down at the Milan Runway

Eve may have wanted an apple; but in the world of Miuccia Prada, the high-priestess of Italian fashion, early woman was far more interested in satisfying her primitive obsessions for gold, python-skins and animal-print.

The name behind the Prada label is truly a genius that swims against the tide of fashion and doing some experiments with primitive concepts. Shockingly, it was the hilarious night that totally marked the most memorable event of the fashion house.
Not only Miucca Prada’s sultry embellished fashion for Spring/Summer 2009 collection of primitive caveman-like designs but also the hilarious fall of two models during their catwalk.

The show was received a standing ovation from the crowd with full of admiration and envy to be included in the royalty of Prada but not before two of the models fell over on their killer heels.

This is also a significant day for a historic 6-inch skyscraper heels Prada shoes for 2009 Spring/Summer Collection. The shoes are made of snakeskin that can be put in the museum for display to mark the history.

But by God you'd have to be brave to wear a pair. Or just have plenty of medical insurance.

In addition, Prada’s ready-to-wear collection signifies the work of an exquisite mind to the current trend for everything: from exotics, jeweled and embellished and sequins. True to its subject, the outfits are purely primitive and caveman-like appeal in nature with the absence of zippers and hooks in favor of ties and drawstrings and elasticized waists.

In my own perspective, the show has a subversive sexual provocation with futuristic approach that the house of Prada brought to us.

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